As I reflect back on my life, and my career, a floodgate of feelings washes over my mind and my heart. I thank God for all of the blessings he’s bestowed upon me.
So many times in our lives we can become entangled in the struggles of each day and often overlook all the good that God has put before us.
When I stop and look at my life, I see a young boy arriving in this country from Sicily at just seven years of age. Having been very poor in Italy, it was amazing to me that I could have hot water out of a faucet, among other luxuries many people take for granted. It’s easy to overlook all that we are fortunate to have here in the United States that so many other countries don’t have.
My wife and I live each day in the spirit of gratitude—grateful for where we’ve been and how far we’ve come, for our success, and for the clients who’ve supported us as we’ve grown from a simple salon in North Royalton then a beautiful salon in Strongsville to the magnificent building we call home in Brunswick.
We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping the guests who walk through our doors discover, and appreciate, the beautiful gifts they possess. Just the fact that we are able to come to work each day, get to know our clients and share a positive message, fills my wife and I and our entire team with so much joy.

Beauty for Everyone
As committed as we are to promoting a relaxing, positive atmosphere, we’re equally dedicated to making the services at Esbi accessible to everyone. That’s why haircuts start at just $30.
We also have periodic prize drawings, like a big screen TV or cash awards, for our clients who refer their friends and family.

Giving Back
We know that we’re successful because of the support of the community. To show our gratitude, our entire staff participates in various fundraising efforts that result in nearly $40,000 a year going back to various charitable organizations in the area.
We’re passionate about what we do and want to share our success with others.

Find Out For Yourself
We’d like to invite you to visit our elegant salon and be inspired by the Esbi experience, beauty born of gratitude.  Meet with a stylist for a personal consultation and we’ll give you an exclusive welcome gift that includes special pricing for your first visit as well as product samples.

In the meantime, take a moment each day to stop and be grateful. Thank God for all the goodness in your life. Stay positive and find the beauty. It’s everywhere.

~ Nuccio Basilisco

CLICK HERE to watch a video of this inspiring message.


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